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Special Things

My family plays a lot of games. In fact, every now and then, my dad helps make games with Steve Jackson ("SJ"). SJ owns a company called Steve Jackson Games, and they make a lot of neat games.

At the gaming convention called Dragonflight in 2002, I got to meet SJ. (Here's his web page and picture). When I got email, I wanted to interview him for my web page for show and tell at school.

I emailed him 10 questions, and here is his email back:

   Hi, Treanna!  Good questions!

   At 10:34 PM -0700 6/10/03, Treanna Ganger wrote:

   > Hello! Here are my 10 interview questions. I will put them
   > up on my website. Thank you very much.
   > 1. What is your favorite animal?

   That's a hard one. I like lots of animals. If extinct ones
   count, then dinosaurs. Otherwise, lizards!

   > 2. What is your favorite color?

   Depends on what it's a color FOR.  I like purple, but I don't
   have very many purple clothes :-)

   > 3. What is your favorite dinner?

   Prime rib with horseradish! With sashimi in second place.

   > 4. Do you like hot chocolate? Spiced with chile powder?

   Hot chocolate, absoutely. Never tried it with chile powder.
   That's scary.

   > 5. What is your favorite dessert?

   Chocolate cake.

   > 6. What is the very first game you made?


   > 7. What was your favorite game when you were little?

   Playing king-of-the-mountain with my brother and sister and
   our Great Dane, Thor. He usually won.

   > 8. What is your favorite game now?

   I don't have any one favorite now. One of the great things
   about being a game designer is that I get to play a LOT of

   > 9. What is your favorite place to go?

   Museums and arboretums.

   > 10. When is your birthday?



Thanks, SJ!