Treanna Ganger,'s Boss of Pink  
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I have a cool family.

I love my mom, Stephanie. She helps me a lot. She is very cool. My mom loves me very much. She is very pretty (Dad agrees!) She likes gardens, tea, and polymer clay. She likes to make all sorts of things. You can see some of them on her webpage: Tea With Stephanie

My dad, Devin, helps me make special projects (like this website). I love my Dad so much. He kisses and hugs and tickles me. He is cooler than Mom. My dad loves me and lets me beat him up when we play swords. Dad works with computers. I help him work on our computers at home. He is very silly, as you can see on his website: The Director of Information Warfare

My brother, Alaric, is just 5 years old. I love him, even though I fight with him a lot. I beat him up to try to win, but he bites me back. Alaric likes lots of animials like elephants, turtles, dinosaurs, and crocodiles. He also likes Tonka trucks. He has some really cool Tonka computer games. He is very good at them. Sometimes, he lets me play them because I like them too. His web page isn't ready yet.

I love Mickie, my godmother. I like when she visits. I think her eyes are pretty. Even though she likes pink, she is not the Boss of Pink (I am!) She travels a lot. Her webpage is at: Fleuressence

I love my goddad, Michael Jones. He is a soldier. He is in Iraq right now in a war. He is a nice uncle(that is what we call him!) and he tickles me. He recently got married to a wonderful woman named Danielle. I love her a lot too.