TerraGov: a space setting

This is the initial workup for a post-cyberpunk near-future space campaign setting I'm putting together. At this point I am likely to be using both of the following systems for it:

I've used real star data wherever possible. To generate the jumpline map, I used Qhull to generate 3-D Voronoi diagrams of the star data. This ends up giving me all the possible jumplines in the network.

Of course, now I need to set up some weighting criteria for the jumplines to meet the following goals:

The systems on the map are numbered, from 1 to 147. Sol is, of course, 1, and the rest are numbered according to their relative distance to Sol in ascending order (thus, Proxima Centauri is 2). Binary and trinary systems are counted as a single system. I did not, at this point, count Proxima and Alpha Centauri as a trinary system, although I should probably go back and adjust this.

[ Jumpline map for TerraGov world ]

I originally created the jumpline map using Microsoft Visio 2000 (yes, this means I did it by hand). I am now using yEd to produce the GraphML version.

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