Office of the Director of Information Warfare

The art of Information Warfare is continually evolving and changing. Advances in technology and the fierce competition in today's leaner marketplace are turning its practitioners from Quixotic, starry eyed idealists into hard-bitten, square-jawed profiteers in hand-tailored Hong Kong Armani knock-offs.

Devin L. Ganger, Director of Information Warfare for, scorns knockoff suits. He scorns suits, period. Wardrobe money can be used for better things -- better information hygiene, more comprehensive tools, or even beer, books, and the occasional makings for a world-class practical joke.

We invite you to peruse the following resources to understand more about the mission-critical activities that Mr. Ganger and his directorate pursue in furtherance of's goals and objectives. Be warned: this is a candid look at the innermost workings of one of the most enigmatic and seemingly mild divisions of "All that is gold does not glitter, baby," as Strider and Bilbo say.

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Information Warfare Directorate is training renegade Jedi at secret compound! See the shocking proof here!

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Beer and kilts!

Above, Devin models the Neo-Traditional Utilikilt, a fine product of Seattle, while proferring large glass mugs intended for the consumption of Guinness, a fine product of Ireland. These amazing mugs hold two complete cans of Guinness at a time and were donated by Devin for use at his workplace. The kilt holds one complete Devin L. Ganger and is strictly personal wear.

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