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Devin L. Ganger

For the past two and a half years I have been a technical writer and blogger for a Redmond-based consulting firm. Although we handle a wide variety of projects, we specialize in the latest generations of Windows, Exchange, and Office System products. I personally have worked on projects involving Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Office Live Communications Server 2005, Microsoft Data Protection Server, Windows Sharepoint Services, Microsoft Biztalk Server, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004, and more. I've co-written a book on Exchange Server 2003 (published by O'Reilly and Associates) and I'm working on some magazine articles and other projects for the Windows IT Pro family of magazines.

Before joining 3Sharp as a technical writer/architect, I was a network and systems administrator with over nine years of solid field experience managing Unix, Windows, TCP/IP, and networking environments. I enjoy defining, designing, and implementing solutions to performance and usability problems, and I am talented at pulling together multiple aspects for a complete solution. I have development experience with database-driven web applications such as group documentation systems with Zope and online ADSL order tracking systems using PHP. I'm currently learning the .NET development environment, with a special focus on C#, and have been working with the Community Server web-based blog/forum/gallery project.

After September 2001, I was unemployed for 16 months and founded my own consulting company to work in the areas of security and Windows NT/2000 migrations. Additionally, I maintained an active integrated Windows 2000 and Unix network out of my house, which I use to donate Internet services for several non-profit organizations as well as my continuing education.

I've enjoyed the growth of my writing skills over the past couple of years. I was honored to join Exchange MVPs Paul Robichaux and Missy Koslosky to write the Exchange Server Cookbook. Samples of my writing may be found at:

Family and community responsibilities are extremely important to me. I strive to maintain a healthy balance between my family, my activities in my community, and my job. On-call duty, overtime, and afterhours sessions are a necessary part of my profession; in my experience these elements need to be the result of careful and adequate pre-planning, as part of a healthy business culture of proactive needs assessment. I am very open to exploring the possibilities of telecommuting, flexible scheduling, and other creative approaches to managing hours.

At the start of 2003, my five-year professional goals included:


Thank you for taking a few moments of your time to find out more about me. While I'm quite happy with my current position, please contact us at 3Sharp if you have a need for computer consulting. I have withdrawn my resume; email me if you would like to request a copy.


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